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10-10-31 1st Team vs New York Athletic Club (32 - images)

10-11-07 1st team vs Polonia (16 - images)

10-11-07 Reserves vs Polonia (18 - images)

10-12-06 Reserves vs NYA (20 - images)

10-12-12 1st Team vs Clarkstown SC (20 - images)

10-12-12 Reserves vs Clakstown SC (31 - images)

11-04-17 Reserves vs Central Park Rangers (27 - images)

11-05-08 Reserves vs Central Park Rangers (36 - images)

11-06-17 CosmosCopa (50 - images)

Croatia vs Sweeden
11-06-19 CosmosCopa (24 - images)

Croatia vs Ivory Coast Croatia vs St. V&G
11-07-09 CosmosCopa (81 - images)

Croatia vs Ivory Coast, Croatia vs Poland, Croatia Vs Mexico
11-09-25 1st Team vs Manhattan Kickers (69 - images)

Croatia 3 Manhattan Kickers 2
11-10-09 NYC Croatia vs CPR (60 - images)

11-10-23 NYC Croatia vs Ocean Side, NY (47 - images)

11-11-06 NYC Croatia vs Lansdowne Bhoys (37 - images)

11-11-13 NYC Croatia vs Istra (25 - images)

11-11-27 NYC Croatia vs Polonia (27 - images)

11-12-04 NYC Croatia vs Clarkstown (41 - images)

12-04-01 NYC Croatia vs New York Athletic Club (24 - images)

12-04-15 NYC Croatia vs Polonia (49 - images)

3-21-10 vs Manhattan Celtic (25 - images)

After a long winter the NY Croatia Reserves played stellar in their return defeating Celtic 2-1 while the 1st Team displayed their stiffness in a 4-2 loss.
4-18-10 Reserves @ Barnstonworth (25 - images)

The reserves played well but all weak links were exposed later on in the game as they suffered a 4-0 loss. It was a lot closer than the score indicated as we missed a number of chances and they put 2 late goals in due to weak goaltending.
4-25-10 1st team vs Polonia (10 - images)

After missing last weeks game due to an ignominious injury Alex Luna returned to the pitch in grand style leading the 1st team to a 4-1 victory over Polonia SC. Goals by Vjekoslav Luburic & Marko Loncar and (2) by Chris Karcz sealed the deal. Props go out to Marlon Pollard who came in at the half and was the decided game breaker.
4-25-10 Reserves vs Polonia (33 - images)

The reserves had to play a man down and managed to play Polonia to a 2-2 tie at the half. The second half was a different story as a tired team was unable to put up an effort and they succumbed 4-2. Goals by Renan Lopes and Kevin Skrivanich.
5-16-10 1st Team vs NY Greek American (35 - images)

It came down to one game against the Greeks for a spot in the playoffs. Although the offense showed up the defense didnt with NY Croatia losing 5-3. Here's to a great season. Better luck next year.
5-2-10 1st team vs CPR (15 - images)

The 1st team needed a win to stay within reach of the playoffs and they played like it. Displaying an offensive capacity not seen at all this season they dominated the 1st 70 minutes of the game. And still found themselves losing 3-2. As good as the offense was the CPR goalie was that much better stiffling the Croats at every turn.
5-2-10 Reserves vs CPR (17 - images)

The Reserves came ready to play this Sunday. The ones that came anyway. Fielding only 10 players the reserve squad played admirably buy fell 6-3. One can only wonder what would have been with a full squad...
5-9-10 1st Team vs New York Athletic Club (33 - images)

5-9-10 Reserves vs New York Athletic Club (35 - images)

Croatian-North American Soccer Tournament (75 - images)

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